StratXMarkets is an unregulated binary option scam. The website and Terms & Conditions claim that StratXMarkets is owned by Consulting Ltd, a company incorporated in the Marshall Islands i.e a secretive offshore location. There is no evidence that this claim is true. Quite often these are a smokescreen to put investors off the scent.

Safe Or Scam is an organisation that works on behalf of investors who appoint us to investigate, review and report on their investments. They then have the option to instruct the company to pursue recovery actions. See Safe Or Scam

StratXMarkets was a scam because investors were never allowed to withdraw their funds. The reason was because the money was stolen the moment it was paid over. The “trading profits” investors saw in their accounts were fake.

Where did the money go ? StratXMarkets used at least 5 different mules to collect money from investors. Mules are typically UK companies or individuals willing to launder money for the crooks who run the scams. They collect the money into UK bank accounts and then transfer it offshore to the crooks. The mules were accomplices in the theft of the money and are a primary target for Safe Or Scam because they used UK bank accounts to launder the money.

Safe Or Scam is pursuing a number of the mules involved with StratXMarkets, along with one of the main perpetrators of the fraud. We have been instructed by clients who have lost a lot of money in this scam and we will not stop until the people involved have been brought to justice.

We are interested in hearing from StratXMarkets investors. You can contact us through the Safe Or Scam website or this contact page or direct to an email we have established

All StratXMarkets investors should report their experience to Action Fraud using this link Report Fraud

Please check our blog page for updates on progress being made against those involved in the StratXMarkets scam.