The following list are people known to have worked at scam companies in the unregulated binary options marketplace. Any information on any of these people is gratefully received. If there are other people and it can be proven they worked at scam binary options companies we will be pleased to add them to the list. Some of these people have already begun providing us with information and we will remove them once we know they are on the side of the people who lost their money.


David Chambers  -  Head of Compliance     /     Alexander Griffiths  -  Director of Compliance

Noah Young  -  Compliance     /     Michael Rhodes  -  Compliance     /     Eddie Campbell  -  Accounts Mgr

Ross St Clare  -  Head of Portfolio Management     /     Stephen Travis  -  Manager     /     Michael Thornton  -  IT

Jason Daniels  -  Broker     /     James Davenport  -  Broker     /     Daniel Thomas  -  Broker

Robert Samuels  -  Broker     /     Thomas Joseph  -  Broker     /     Alex Dabbs  -  Broker     /     Richard Owen  -  Broker

Thomas Collins  -  Broker     /     Alexander Chambers  -  Broker     /     Bradley Staerck  -  Broker

Madeleine McCarthy  -  Reception     /     Emily Evans  -  Reception     /     Charles Waterman