Mules are people or companies which provide a money collection and disbursement service to scam companies. They enable these companies to steal money paid by investors and they are rewarded for doing so.

When an investor decides to establish a binary options account the scam companies will ask for the money to be sent to a mule. This is because they don’t want investors to know their own account details. Mules are typically one-man band companies established in the local jurisdiction to add credibility to the scam company. They normally close their companies down before they file any accounts so that they don’t draw the attention of the local tax authorities. This is an offence but they think they will slip under the radar.

Once one company is closed they will often open another new company and repeat the process. We have listed below known mules. Click on the text to bring up more detail on the mule.

Isomatrix TG Ltd (dissolved) – a mule for StratXMarkets

Access Corporate Ltd – a mule for StratXMarkets

FCE & BK Ltd – a mule for StratXMarkets

UPay Card – a mule for StratXMarkets

Bogdan Trading Ltd (dissolved) – a mule for StratXMarkets