McLaren Price Ltd was an unregulated binary options scam. The company also worked alongside two other companies, Chase Saunders Ltd and McLaren Price Solutions Ltd. All three companies have now been dissolved.

Safe Or Scam is an organisation that works on behalf of investors who appoint us to investigate, review and report on their investments. They then have the option to instruct the company to pursue recovery actions. See Safe Or Scam

Chase Saunders Ltd was placed into liquidation and it listed all the investors who entered into contracts with McLaren Price Ltd as creditors. The liquidator could find no evidence that any of the investors was a legitimate creditor of Chase Saunders because none of the investors had ever paid any money to that company.

This was a classic smokescreen move. Chase Saunders Ltd was originally incorporated by a Seychelles director with an address in the Seychelles. That is not going to be easy to find that person. She resigned and the new director became a Mexican citizen living in Mexico (allegedly). This man, Daniel Dax Avila Manrique, and his family are of interest to us.

It is our belief that the reason Chase Saunders Ltd named the investors as creditors was to convince them that it just wasn’t worth trying to find out what happened to their money. They would have had to track down a person in the Seychelles and then a person in Mexico. Nobody is going to do that. That smokescreen worked for a while.

But….. while investors thought they were creditors of Chase Saunders Ltd, the two main perpetrators of the scam, McLaren Price Ltd and McLaren Price Solutions Ltd quietly closed down without filing any accounts and without attracting the attention of the investors or the tax authorities.

We know who was behind those companies and we know where to find them. We will be making contact with those individuals.

We need more investors in McLaren Price to come forward. You can contact us through the Safe Or Scam website or through the Contact Form on this website.

All McLaren Price investors should also report their experience to Action Fraud using this link Report Fraud