FCE & BK Ltd was a cash mule working on behalf of the scam company StratXMarkets.

Safe Or Scam is representing clients who were told to pay their investment money to FCE & BK Ltd. The bank receipts show that payment was made to the Pall Mall, London branch of Barclays Bank.

FCE & BK Ltd was incorporated on 3rd June 2014. It lists its activities at Companies House as “Activities of financial service holding companies”. The full history of the company is publicly available on this Link

It can be seen that the registered office of the company is 23 Hammonds Lane, Billericay, Essex. CM11 2SZ. The website Zoopla.com describes this address as a residential house which was last sold in July 2015. Coincidentally that is the month in which FCE & BK Ltd changed its registered office to this address.

Under the ‘People’ tab on the Companies House link it shows that the sole director of the company is, and always has been, a man called Gabor Bakler-Kugler. The link states that his nationality is Hungarian.

Searches on the Companies House website reveal that the property is also the registered office of Bakler & Kugler Ltd, a company with one director, Katalin Bakler-Kugler.

We wrote to the director of FCE & BK Ltd, Mr Gabor Bakler-Kugler, on 29th May 2018 at the company’s registered office (the residential address) to ask him about our clients’ payments into the FCE & BK Ltd bank account. We pointed out to Mr Bakler-Kugler that it is our view that his company was a mule for StratXMarkets.

We asked him the following questions:

  1. How did you get involved with providing a service to binary options companies ? Who first approached you ?
  2. Who are the key players ?
  3. What was the deal they offered you ?
  4. Who else was a signatory to the bank accounts ?
  5. How much did you take into your bank account for StratXMarkets ?
  6. Where was the money transferred to ?

As of 21st June 2018 he has not responded.

We have been able to track down one of the key perpetrators of the StratXMarkets scam. He is also involved in several different binary options scams.

If you would like more information on Bakler-Kugler Ltd, the companies and people involved please contact us via the main Safe Or Scam website. Click HERE.