Access Corporate 1

Investors move against Access Corporate, a cash mule for binary option scams. Legal action intensifies to recover money from the company for the part it played in laundering money for criminal binary option scam enterprises.

Safe Or Scam expects to be able to force the company and its director into court so that their roles in the multi-million pound scam can be analysed and exposed.

Other companies involved in the StratXMarkets scam will follow shortly afterwards. Access Corporate is the first. Some companies, like those run by Gregory Odia, dissolved without filing final accounts, but they will now be reincorporated to allow investors to file their claims. Then we will take the previous directors to court so that they can be held to account.

2019 promises to be a very good year for investors who believed their binary option investments were lost for good. It is never a quick process, but we have kept at it and we have eventually found the way to catch those involved.

The next step is to get the police authorities to take an interest. We are confident it will be much easier from now on because we will be inviting fraud officers to attend the court hearings.

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